Items needed for Commercial Private Financing Loans
1. 1003 Loan Application or current financial statement (less than 3 months old)
2. Signed Tax Returns for 2 most recent years. (Corporate and Individual, if applicable.)
3. Borrower's credit report
4. YTD Operating Statement for subject Property
5. Rent rolls and copies of all rental/lease agreements
6. Recent Appraisal or Documentation of Estimated Value
7. Written "Use of Proceeds" letter
8. Color pictures of subject property
9. Assessors Parcel Number and Property Address

Additional items needed to close transaction:
1. Title Report (if available) -- Have ordered
2. Purchase and Sale Agreement, if applicable
3. Insurance Agent name and phone number
4. Current year property tax statement for all parcels

If the Borrower is a Corporation/LLC/Partnership or Trust:
1. Articles of Incorporation
2. Corporate Resolution authorizing the loan, and the officer(s) authorized to execute the loan documents
3. LLC Certificate of Organization and Operating Agreement (Resolution required)
4. Copies of the Partnership/ Trust Agreement

Items needed for Residential Private Financing Loans
1. 1003 Application Form
2. Most Recent last two years signed tax returns
3. Recent pay stubs
4. Year to date profit and loss statement, if self employed
5. Assessors Parcel Number and Property Address
6. Borrower Credit Report

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