Recent Loans We've Funded

Private lenders “who have weathered the storm” have become the primary source of capital. Conventional loans are only available for the borrower that fits in a very small box and mostly for SFR owner occupied. Banks and other previous conventional sources of loans have virtually dried up. Sir Mortgage fills this gap even more so in today’s difficult financial world. Listed below are some of our recent loans:

Surprise, AZ
House purchase at short sale for $214,000. Loan amount $112,000.00, interest only payments for 4 years.

Prescott, AZ
Spec construction loans to builder. The lots are paid in full and the loan amount is no greater than 50% LTV.

Firerock-Fountain Hills, AZ
Investor residential construction loan to complete a partially built custom home. The property is a luxury weekly rental. The loan amount is $460,000.

East Mesa, AZ
Mini-storage refinance $1,600,000. Borrower paid off their existing loan at a substantial discount. Term was 18 months interest only.

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